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Carter p

​Petro Padmore, stage name Carter P Born august 13 1985 in Liberia.
When the civil war broke out, he had relocated to Ghana for refuge.
Later on at the age of 14 had relocated to the United States with his family for safety. Carter P had found a home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Around 2007 he had relocated to Rhode Island, there he had met Gentry Wright who had introduced him to Bars Brown. Who had a group called TFN True Fighter Nation in which Carter P had joined shortly after.

The group did not stay together for very long due to creative differences.
After that Carter P had focused on other things but never forgotten his true calling.
Around 2014 he had reintroduced himself back into the hip hop game with his first track amgettingfamous.

Shortly after that Carter p had came out with success homie entertainment. During that Carter p had come up with many hot songs with much inspiration from his everyday life.

At the end of 2016 carter p had entered into an organization called new rich African where they do many promotions for events and parties.
Even though Carter p has a lot going on his focus is still on his music and his career.
He currently working on his video EP, and some other promotion aspect.